EOS C 1445 KVC Type & General Purpose Tube and Cartridge Sterilization Equipment.

EOS C 1445 sterilization device again medical, plastic, organic, electromechanic tools and surgical devices that are sensitive to all kinds of heat and humidy as well as disposable materials. 


EOS C 1445 under microprocessor technology user ethylene oxide sterilization technique of film heating, cool and dry system. 

EOS C 1445 ethylene oxide sterilization device is programmed as ready to use at any moment between 35-57C with a fixed and adjustable feature. As all operational mode of the device programmed to economic mode, during the economic operational period between 4.5 and 9 hours of the device, the system perceives automatically the values of pressure, gas, humidity, air washing and without the need for an outside intervention and it öaintains the sterilization phases ( vacuum-heating-humidifcation-ventilation)
  • Sterilization and Ventilation processes are fulfilled automatically or manually on user request.
  • User can set Sterilization and ventilation time between 1-99 hours.
  • The device is proper for use with a EO tube or with an EO cartridge in rate of one hundred percent in devices with built-in cartridges.
  • EOS C 1445 ; with just one tube for a 125 l volume has the quality of performing bir tüp ile ~ 150 sterilizations and performs sterilization in doses of min. 810 ppm/ml
  • Automatic cartridge blasting system.
  • Does not require external dosimeters
  • When the sterilization processes are finished with EOS C 1445, EO gas condensation does not occur on products and the sterilized products can be used at no time without the need for an extra ventilation. 
    In order not to expose to ethylene oxide gas, the operation of sterilization and air washing (washing the air with +1 Bar) is performed in the same boiler and sterilization phases are fulfilled automatically or manually on user s request.
  • The design and the program of sterilization boiler in EOS C 1445 are proper for the materials especially, other laparoscopic type of surgical tools with a cardiovascular or surgical tubing structure to be sterilized without being distorted (in cardiovascular type of device the depth of boiler is min 115-130 cm)  
    In EOS C 1445 though there is a filter for bacteria, due to operational cycle, the filter is not needed.



In the electronic system of EOS C 1445 there is an integrated sensor checking gas leak and warns user against gas leaks in device. For safety purposes it has a hermetic aspirator than can be tied to chimney. 

In device cover locking system is active and electrical and can be controlled by micro processor electronically. Operation does not start unless the cover of the device shuts down. 

The cover lock is one-way, electrical and automatic. The cover of the device does not open before the operation ends.

In EOS C 1445 to terminate the ongoing operation for a possible malfuction, opening the cabin cover is provided by evacuating the current gas in sterilization cabin to the neutralization tank.

A physical barrier is not needed to avoid the users physical contact with the EO gas at the end of sterilization. Because the cover does not open when there is EO gas in the sterilization area.



The device is proper for use with a 37,5 kg ethylene oxide tube. Its concentration rate : %10 eto + %90 co2 - % 90 eto + %10 co2 - %25 eto +%75co2 or 100% EO cartridge  

POWER :220v / 380 V, 5A, 1ph, 50/60 Hz
WEIGHT:320 kg

energy consumption for per sterilization +-%20 1200w
EO gas consumption for per sterilization +-%20 

Manufacturer Recommendation: 175 l EOS C 1445 recommend to use for up to 100 bed hospitals.