STERON UV-C82 Sterilization Device, makes sterilization with 254nm UV-C (Ultraviolet short wave) cold radiation and required UV dose for eachmicroorganism family can be set digitally. Device has a "Dose Time Off" system which electronically controls the sterilization time and stops the UV radiation automatically at the end of the sterilization time. Electronic card and microcontroller which is connected to Security System, controlls the UV-C radiation and prevents from UV radiation leakage.

STERON UV-C 82, with 254 nm radiation, ozone gas (O3) and electron shower it performs %00,99 rate sterilization rate between 100sec and 2700sec. This effect which creates electron shower has a 0.072mV potential.Above (Over) the 0.023mV microorganisms are destructed and it prevents from creating micro shadows. It creates a potential on the material so that all parts f the material will be sterilized. There is no need to rotate the material.

STERON UV-C 82 makes the sterilization at room temperature ( 15C-40C). It does not creates heat. There won t be any metal fatigue, corrosion, rust, yellowing or oxidation on the material. Front door glass won t pass any UV rays, and you can see inside the cabinet during sterilization. Portable and sterilizable sterilization tray independent of the equipment.


USAGE AREAS: The best and quick sterilization solution for the Hospital, Dentists, Gaynecology, Polyclinics, Clinics, Circumcise Clinics, Doctor Consulting Rooms, Emergency Surgery requirements.

PHYSICAL PROPERTIES: (for standard device ) outer dimensions 500x350x270 mm ,Weight :12 kg ,
Power consumed during operation 30 W. Life of UVC 3000 hours and it can be change by easily.