First class protection for operator, environment and product.

Microbiological cabinet provides high operator, product and environmental protection. It has homogeneous laminar flow, adjustable air flow speed, control of contamination from air.  


  • Main filter type is HEPA H14 which is covering the entire working area ( for greater particles than 0.3mikron have the characteristic of capture at the rate of 99,9998% )
  • The second is for the exhaust filter and its type is HEPA too.
  • Cabinets as controlled with a microprocessor have a touch screen digital control panel.
  • It has 4 different working mode, one is economy mod, It has an air speed compensation system which is adjusted automatically depending on the obstruction of the filter (Auto mode) .
  • Front door having the characteristic of a guillotine provides ease for loading and service. Front door and side walls of the device are made of chemical, resistant to heat, UV proof, poly carbon glass(break-prof).
  • User can see instant air flow speed (in flow and down flow), and can control between set data.
  • Also user can see; inner and outer temperature of cabinet , instant and total working time, time -hour inform, flow rate, UV lamp lifetime, Hepa filter lifetime, working mode, system status ( error code, warnings, special notes ...).
  • It has Audial, illuminated and readable warning. It has user notes on display for any negative situations (Filter occupancy, Change UV lamp, door warning, ön cam ikaz , periodic maintenance,.. )


  • It has UV lamba ( 254nm) for disinfectation.
  • In the cabinet there is a homogenous illumination and through a fluorescent lamp.
  • On the rear wall of cabinet to serve as a standard there are 2 stean protected sockets and 2 valves ( for gas / air)


The interior of cabinet is made of stainless steel and inner surfaces of cabinet is smooth, its corners are rounded. . 
Operation floor of the cabin is made stainless steel plate and these floor tray as can be mounted and dismounted upon request could be monoblock or multiblocks.
It provides to ergonomic usage .
Its exterior is resistant to chemicals ethological agents and coated with electrostatic coating .
It has pods . The pod height is adjustable.
HEPA and Plenium filters are disposable and they can easily be replace by a technician or service without being contaminated.
HEPA filter box is non-permeable. The cabinet has test entry for D.O.P. (Dispersed Oil Particulate) /DEHS .


  • Touchscreen colour, graphic LCD
  • Determining automatic on-off for specified hours by user (Weekly, Daily working hour adjustment, night working, Stand-By)
  • Adjustable inflow / down flow air speed and alert limit
  • Sesli uyarı sistemi
  • UV, HEPA life counter ,
  • UV lamp working timer
  • ULPA type filters application
  • Controlling plugs and valves in the cabinet from screen
  • Monoblock or multiblocks working plate
  • Cabinet operational plates can be with digital temperature controlled, up-down movable and heatable base features
  • Medical waste box ( for cytotoxic cabinets)
  • Tempered front door and side glass .
  • Armlet holes with gloves option in front door.
  • Controlled pass box
  • Bullet-proof cabinet for radioisotope and radio-pharmaceutics
  • Limited user ( with lock / password)
  • Completelly stainless steel exterior surface